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Black Gold & Champagne

Get new-season ready with beautiful classics. Our classic collections are consciously crafted to last more than one season. Discover the new Champagne equestrian vest, matching leather belt and dog collar.

Also discover the bold and beautiful Black Gold collection. This beauty is finally back in stock, now with a new addition – the Vision top and a matching cap. The collection comes in limited edition.

Black Gold

  • Vision Top Black Gold

    USD 69.95
  • Dressage Saddle Pad Black Gold Full

    USD 89.95
  • Jump Saddle Pad Black Gold Full

    USD 89.95
  • Polo Wraps Black Gold

    USD 59.95
  • Ear Bonnet Black Gold

    USD 49.95
  • Cap Black Gold

    USD 29.95


  • Equestrian Vest Champagne

    USD 129.95
  • Active Performance Jacket Champagne

    USD 189.95
  • Prime Belt Champagne

    USD 59.95
  • Dog Collar Clean Champagne

    USD 39.95
  • Dressage Saddle Pad Champagne Full

    USD 89.95
  • Jump Saddle Pad Champagne Full

    USD 89.95
  • Ear Bonnet Champagne

    USD 49.95
  • Polo Wraps Champagne

    USD 59.95
  • Fleece Blanket Fur, Champagne

    USD 199.95
  • Fur Halter & Lead Rope Champagne

    USD 69.95
  • Hair Tie Champagne

    USD 2.95
  • Cap Champagne

    USD 29.95


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