Christian Simonson

Team rider

Christian Simonson

Christian is a U25 dressage rider, a four-time NAYC (North American Youth Championships) Gold Medalist and two-time Silver Medalist from United States. Christian is ranked number one in the CDIO1* world ranking with his horse Sonny and his horse Zeaball is ranked number two in the CDIO1* horse ranking.

Following in his mother’s footsteps, Christian’s shared family passion soon turned into a profession and took him to international competitions.

Christian’s favorite products

Dressage Saddle Pad Sportive Navy
“The sportive saddle pad gives my horse excellent comfort while still being breathable enough for the hot Wellington/Florida days. The saddle pads are also highly stylish, which is a great way for me to express myself, whether at home or in international stadiums”.

Ear Bonnet Sportive Navy
“For the sportive ear bonnet, I enjoy the “athletic-like” material and how it allows my horses to be comfortable even with the heavy bug season in Florida. The mesh material assures that no matter how many times I wash it the bonnet, it will always stay the same size and shape, which for me is extremely important”.

Polo Wraps Sportive Navy
“I also enjoy the sportive polo wraps as they provide breathable and comfortable support to my horse’s legs while remaining stylish and breathable. After many washes, the velcro has remained strong and the polos have never lost any color or shape. The variety in colors allows me to match my saddle pads and take my entire horse’s look to the next level”.

“The reason I became an Equestrian Stockholm ambassador is easy, they’ve built an amazing community with people that are truly horse enthusiasts. ES also develops products that are both stylish and functional.”
— Christian Simonson