Linnea Holmgren

Team rider

Linnea Holmgren

Linnea is a 22-year-old rider from Sweden and has several impressive credentials from prestigious competitions, including SM, NM, EC and Young Horse WC. Last year, in 2023, she took home two top places during the Breeders Trophy Stockholm together with two of her promising young horses.

Linnea chose dressage because her mother was a dressage rider. Linnea loves dressage for its ability to create a deep communication between horse and rider, as well as the magical interaction that occurs between them. In her spare time outside the stables, she likes to dance.

Linnea's main strength as a rider is her sense and ability not to disturb the horse unnecessarily. Her best tip for being successful in equestrian sports is to take help from people who are at the level you are aiming for. If the goal is to compete internationally, you should make sure to get help from a coach who has knowledge of what is required abroad.

There are many riders that Linnea herself is inspired by in different ways. One of them is Charlotte Fry who always shows a calm and "poker face" regardless of class and situation. Cathrine Laudrup Dufour is another source of inspiration for Linnea because she has also not had fully trained horses but has fought her way up. Emma Jönsson, who is part of Linnea's team, is also an inspiration with her view on competition and training.

“The best thing about being part of team ES is that you get to help develop the products, share your own ideas and then watch them grow. It's a wonderful team you'd love to be a part of!”
— Linnea Holmgren