Matt Harnacke

Team rider

Matt Harnacke

Matt Harnacke is one of the most well-known riding influencers in the world, a successful model, and a professional rider in dressage. Matt was born in Italy and at the age of ten he moved to Australia where he lived for ten years. He then decided to move once more, this time to the Netherlands where he currently lives.

From a young age, Matt always loved animals. His parents had family friends in Italy that owned a riding school. At one occasion while visiting the riding school, his parents brought him along. While they were having ‘boring adult talk’, they booked him a riding lesson. Matt was obsessed from that day on.

Competitions have become a new chapter in Matt’s life as his stallion Emporio is now old enough and ready to compete. They had their debut last year at the PSG level at the Iberian Championships in the Netherlands. They won both the PSG and the freestyle. It was a very emotional and proud moment for Matt to have taken a three-year-old horse up to that level.

Moving forward, the goal for Matt is to compete more, with many exciting competitions on the horizon. He is excited to see how Emporio and he will continue to grow. He will continue to run his sale stable of Iberian horses and his work on social media presence. Matt has a huge project in the making which will be announced later this year.

“I have worked with Equestrian Stockholm for seven years and the reasons why I love working with them so much is that they give me creative freedom in terms of making my own collections, they are a very initiative brand that always have refreshing designs coming up with exciting concepts. They have a very open mind to the future.”
— Matt Harnacke