Robin Heiden

Team rider

Robin Heiden

Robin grew up in the Netherlands, in the same place where she still lives. Her parents have had horses all her life and she started riding when she was nine years old. Before she started riding, she spent whole days playing with the horses, but she didn't dare to ride them.

Photo: Equigeniek

Today, Robin studies law at Radboud University, and at the same time she is ranked fourth in the FEI Dressage World Youth Ranking. Her biggest achievement in dressage to date is being selected to represent the Netherlands at four consecutive European Youth Championships, from ponies to young riders. Her biggest achievement with her current horse Gasmonkey is that she won the Dutch championship this year (2023) in the young riders category, and in 2020 took fourth place at the European Championships in the junior category.

Robin's goals for the future are to keep her horses happy and healthy, while improving her own riding skills every day. She would like to achieve much more in dressage, but the most important thing is that her horses are happy and enjoy every competition as much as she does. It would be Robin's dream to one day be one of the best dressage riders in the world and participate in the Olympic Games.

Robin's best tip for someone who wants to become a successful rider is to invest in a good trainer. If you have a trainer who can really teach you how to ride well and improve your horse in a gentle way, you can become a successful rider with any horse.

“The best thing about working with Equestrian Stockholm is that I get to use their amazing products every day! The quality is great and they look fantastic. It feels great to have the support of a brand like ES.”
— Robin Heiden