Viktor Edvinsson

Team rider

Viktor Edvinsson

Viktor is a Swedish show jumper with 5* international placements from, among others, the Gothenburg Horse Show. He also has many successes with his young horses and has won Breeders, Falsterbo, Elmia and championships in various age categories.

Photo: Göteborg Horse Show

Viktor Edvinsson is a show jumper from Sweden who grew up on his parents' farm in Halmstad. On the farm, horses have always been a part of life and when Viktor was only five years old, he got his first pony of his own.

Viktor's advice to those who want to succeed in equestrian sports is to surround yourself with supportive people and have a trainer you enjoy working with and can trust. It is also crucial to have a long-term plan for your goals and follow it consistently.

His short-term goal is to continue training young horses and participate in young horse championships, while his long-term goal is to compete in the biggest championships in equestrian sports.

Photo: Ida Ahlsten Foto
“I am extremely grateful to be part of the Equestrian Stockholm team and for the support I receive in my venture. I am very particular about everything looking perfect, and that is very easy to achieve with ES products.”
— Viktor Edvinsson