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Forest Green / Steel Blue / Purple Gold

Power Women Week is here, a time for us to salute all the women working hard towards their goals every day. Your resilience, courage, and passion are making you more powerful than you can imagine. We’re celebrating this with a rare release including three returning collections; Forest Green, Purple Gold, and Steel Blue – each one with freshly designed Knitted Polo Tops, which are now made proudly with 100% recycled cotton.

To me, a Power Woman is a strong, independent woman who knows what she wants. She has inner strength and calmness to her whole being. Within Hinduism, there is the concept of Shakti, the goddess who stands for the divine spark and energy that is in everything. I like the idea that everyone has a bit of the divine feminine spark – everyone has a bit of a Power Woman in them. ”- Linnea Holmgren

A flair of luxury

  • Knitted polo top Purple Gold

    USD 69.95
  • Dressage Saddle pad Purple Gold Cob

    USD 89.95
  • Jump Saddle pad Purple Gold Pony

    USD 89.95
  • Polo Wraps Purple Gold

    USD 59.95

Once I was denied a job because I was a woman. They believed that men got more respect and would be better riders. I have thought about it often, and when I look at my gold medal, I laugh to myself. The advantage of being a woman is that we never take anything for granted, and we are willing to fight hard to be on the same level as men, I believe. That’s why I love working in a sport where women and men compete on equal terms. ” – Sissela Smith

Keep it cool

  • Knitted polo top Steel Blue

    USD 69.95
  • Ear Bonnet Steel Blue

    USD 49.95
  • Dressage Saddle Pad Steel Blue COB

    USD 89.95
  • Jump Saddle pad Steel Blue Pony

    USD 89.95
  • Polo Wraps Steel Blue

    USD 59.95


  • Riding breeches Dressage Elite Navy

    USD 169.95
  • Riding breeches Jump Elite Navy

    USD 169.95
  • Knee Socks Equestrian Stockholm

    Riding Socks Navy

    USD 9.95


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