Matilda Pettersson

Team rider

Matilda Pettersson

Matilda Pettersson is an international show jumper from Sweden and competes up to 160 cm classes. Her main achievements include multiple 150cm classes as well as winning the Gina Tricot Grand Prix.

Photo: Pernilla Hägg -

Matilda's first experience with horses was at an early age through her mother who was a high level dressage rider. Despite her mother's success in dressage, Matilda chose instead to invest in jumping as her penchant for speed and adrenaline rushes made the choice obvious to her.

Matilda's goal going forward is to continuously develop her horses and explore their full potential. She loves to see how far each individual horse can reach. Her main advice to those who want to achieve success in equestrian sport is to be patient and stubborn, as equestrian sport requires these qualities from the rider. Matilda's role models are her parents who have always supported her and helped with solutions in tough situations.

“The best thing about being part of the Equestrian Stockholm team is always wearing beautiful products, feeling a strong community and knowing that we work together towards common goals and successes.”
— Matilda Pettersson