Stella Röhlcke

Team rider

Stella Röhlcke

Stella is an international show jumper from Sweden who competes up to 155* classes and has many merits. In 2023, she took home the gold medal in the senior SC.

Photo: Equus Media

Stella has recently returned to Sweden after spending six years in Holland, a period during which she had the opportunity to learn a lot. The first three years she was a student of Maikel van der Vleuten, and then she continued her education in the following years with Erika Lickhammer van Helmond. Stella is extremely grateful to have had the chance to ride and compete with some of the best in the sport. In the future, her dream is to qualify for a spot on the national team, and she looks forward to continuing her work towards that goal.

Stella's main strength as a rider is her optimism. She does not allow herself to be put down by setbacks, but sees riding as a continuous learning process and development, regardless of the result in each competition, whether it is good or less successful. Stella's advice to those who strive for success in equestrian sports is to have a large dose of patience, identify and utilize the horse's strengths and be able to adapt to the horse's individual needs and characteristics.

“I have been part of team Equestrian Stockholm since the beginning and it has been an incredible journey to see how the brand has developed and expanded. It's fun to be part of a team that creates products that I truly love and use daily.”
— Stella Röhlcke