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pink campaign!

Life is tough, but horse people are tougher. Now you can be part of making a difference in the fight against cancer. Throughout October, we have a 20% sale on pink products and donate 10% to the non-profit association Ride Against Cancer.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. That’s why we support Ride Against Cancer.
Ride Against Cancer works actively to unite all equestrian people around Sweden to fight against cancer. Through various projects, raise money that is donated to cancer research.

Mika Thalén is the founder of Ride Against Cancer and also colleague to us. When Mika suffered from breast cancer, the time in the stable and with the horses mean a lot.

In addition to Mika’s great commitment to Ride Against Cancer, Mika is a fantastic colleague and showjumper who dares most things.

So of course we want to be involved and contribute!

Join us in the fight against cancer!

Love Team ES