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Equestrian Stockholm

– Our vision

Equestrian Stockholm offers a unique selection of riding wear and accessories. Our goal is to create beautiful and functional clothes that flatters the body, a market segment that has been neglected/missing for a long time according to us.

To work for a better environment is also important for us, that is why we produce our products in ecological and environmentally friendly materials.

We continually develop our products in collaboration with our team riders and focus groups, everything to make our products as optimal as possible for you as a customer.

Our vision is to create a global, market-leading brand of exclusive riding products in ecological materials. We are always working for the wellbeing of animals and support young women within their ventures in the equestrian sports.


The riding wear

Equestrian Stockholm was born out of a perceived lack of riding clothes that can be used in the stable and socially. We want to create clothes that are comfortable to ride in but also make the rider feel fashionable. All of our designs are clothes that we would wear ourselves.

Equestrian Stockholm offers a unique range of exclusive products to the rider with nature in mind. We create well-made and innovative products both design- and function wise.

Fashion, power and elegance are the keywords we have in mind when we develop our new collections. Our products are created using new and exciting sport materials, all with the environment in mind and having a feminine and cool design.

ES takes responsibility

One of the biggest issues we see today is that the western countries uses a lot more water than necessary. That’s why Equestrian Stockholm uses a technique that takes advantage of the unique qualities of the coffee beans to transport and remove dampness and odor. This technique helps our products to stay fresh longer to prolong the time between washes.

We always strive to find processes for producing our products that has as little impact on the environment as possible all the way from the factory to our customer. We are always looking for new techniques and processes with the least negative impact on the environment.
Equestrian Stockholm is actively working for animal rights, we will never use down or fur in any of our products. You will never have to worry about animals being mistreated during the production phase when you buy an Equestrian Stockholm product. Customers are often uncertain about other kinds of other lining fabrics having the same effect as down. A matter of fact is that they are at least as effective. Besides that no animals are hurt during the production, they are equally warm, incredibly lightweight and easy to wash. Equestrian Stockholm does not believe in old traditions that hurt another living being.



Equestrian Stockholm supports and sponsors young women that has the courage to follow their dream and give a 100% to make it come true.

A life in the stable teaches you to hard work, improves your leadership’s skills as well as you need to show appreciation. It’s not surprising that many female leaders have a background in the stable.

Our vision is to continue our cooperation with young riders along with the growth of the company.

Brands have a responsibility

Johanna, Why did you start Equestrian Stockholm?

I have always been inspired by strong women that want to make a difference, women that have the courage to follow their dreams. The entire idea with the brand was inspired by strong equestrians. I meet strong women that works hard in the stable everyday. The sport is tough and teaches girls and boys to work hard and take responsibility in the stable. Sometimes one might ask why do we do it? Why do we work as hard as we do, every day, in bad times and good? The answer is simple; the passion for horses. To us it’s more than a sport; it’s our way of life.


Brands have a responsibility

I think that it’s important that brands and companies say something, that they have their own voice. I am a vegetarian and cares a lot about the environment, something I wanted Equestrian Stockholm to reflect. It’s incredibly important that we create products that I can stand up for and be proud to wear. We use recycled materials in our products and refuse to use fur and down in any of our products.
We see it as a given to work for raising the awareness regarding ecological materials and I hope that more brands will do the same.



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