Jumping Saddle Pads

Jumping Saddle Pads

Equestrian Stockholm’s show jumping saddle pads are the perfect choice. They will fit perfectly for both competitive and aspiring riders. Moreover, our saddle pads are made from "super quick dry" and dirt-resistant material. This therefore means you will have no problem keeping your horse dry and your saddle clean. An Equestrian Stockholm’s jumping saddle pad is both functional and practical. This due to its tasteful design elements, as they are apparent the moment you set eyes on it. Whether you purchase a classic saddle pad or one from one of our collections, your horse will have the most beautiful saddle pad. No matter if you prefer the racing track to the training arenas, we got you covered. At Equestrian Stockholm we work with two different types of materials when it comes to our jump pads and they have two different valuable functions – Bamboo lining and High IQ cool comfort (Quick Dry). All our jumping saddle pads have one of the two:

Bamboo Lining – a natural, durable material known for its moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties.

High IQ Cool Comfort technology – helps dissipate heat and moisture, making them perfect for use in hot and humid conditions or just for a sweaty training session.

A wide range of colors and designs

Our jumping saddle pads are not only known for their durability, comfort and support — their luxurious design elements are apparent the moment you see them. They come in a variety of colors and some feature glimmer or crystal lining – a pad to love for a long time. Whether you're looking for a jumping saddle pad in pink, champagne, black or blue - we got you covered. We have a wide range of beautiful colors and designs. Maybe you prefer the timeless classic, the modern maze or the sportive design? We offer it all! Bridle your inner showjumper with jumping saddle pads from Equestrian Stockholm.