Layer Up for the Winter with Equestrian Stockholm

As the winter chill sets in, it's time for equestrians to prepare for the season while maintaining their impeccable style and comfort. Equestrian Stockholm offers a range of top-quality winter essentials designed to keep you warm, cozy, and fashionable in the colder months. Let's explore some of our favorite products for winter.

Denali Winter Jacket:
The luxurious Denali Winter Jacket is the ultimate choice for cold days in the stables. It features a double front zipper that creates the illusion of wearing a vest underneath, adding a stylish touch. The adjustable sleeves can be folded up or down to keep your hands warm and dry during outdoor activities. The vent on the back of the jacket makes it perfect for riding, ensuring that you can comfortably enjoy your equestrian adventures even in chilly weather. The jacket's unique combination of fiber and padding offers breathability and comfort. It's designed to keep you warm in temperatures as low as -25°C (-13°F).

Fleece Jacket:
The Fleece Jacket combines glamour with comfort. Its soft fleece liner and shiny dirt-repellent outer fabric make it a remarkable layering choice for the winter season. This jacket features a slim fit and a shiny collar. The fabric even contains coffee grounds to control odors, keeping your jacket fresh for longer.

Lightweight Jacket:
The Lightweight Jacket is an excellent choice for individuals living in regions where the winter is relatively mild or as a second layer. With excellent insulation, this jacket can handle temperatures down to 4°C (39°F). The water-repellent fabric and recycled filling ensure durability and eco-friendliness.

Knitted Polo top:
The knitted polo top is your ideal choice for cooler days at the stable and during training sessions. The top is made of 100 % recycled cotton and keeps you comfortable and warm while adding an elegant touch to your equestrian style.