Unsere Geschichte

The journey of Equestrian Stockholm

Die Geschichte, wie alles begann

Wie es gegründet wurde

Die Geschichte von Equestrian Stockholm begann im Jahr 2015. Wir sahen die Möglichkeit, Reitsportbekleidung für Frauen zu kreieren, bei der Mode und nachhaltige Materialien höchste Priorität haben.

Wenn wir unsere Kollektionen entwerfen, wollen wir, dass sie Mode, Stärke und Energie ausstrahlen. Die Inspiration kommt von leidenschaftlichen Pferdeliebhabern, der wunderschönen Natur, die uns umgibt, und von den neuesten Trends in der Modeindustrie. Unser Ziel war es schon immer, die Norm für das Design und die Produktion von Reitbekleidung zu verändern.

Our Passion

Equestrian Stockholm is not just a brand; it’s a fusion of our passion for both fashion and horses. Over the years, our team has grown exponentially, positioning us as leaders in pioneering innovative approaches to riding wear within our industry. Our goal has always been to challenge the conventional norms of equestrian wear, setting new standards in design and production.

A Colorful Revolution

At Equestrian Stockholm, we’ve spearheaded a revolution in the industry. We dared to break free from the traditional black and blue, introducing a collection of colors and coordinating sets for both horse and rider, complete with saddle pads and bonnets. ES bids farewell to grey, expanding our range from exclusive horse products to exquisite riding apparel. All our products are crafted with the highest quality materials, designed to mix and match seamlessly while ensuring long-lasting durability. Our creations are a harmonious blend of luxury and playfulness, with intricate details that add a touch of sophistication to every outfit.

Our Commitment to Giving Back

Our journey has always been about more than just equestrian fashion. It’s about making a positive impact. Equestrian Stockholm takes pride in giving back through various initiatives, including “Ride For Women,” “Ride Against Cancer,” and “Ride For Nature.”

Our commitment to these initiatives is deeply rooted in our belief that success in business should be a force for good in the world. We understand that our growth and prosperity are fundamentally linked to the communities we serve and the larger global community. Therefore, it has been our responsibility and privilege to support these organizations that work tirelessly to address pressing issues.

Over the last years, our dedication to these causes has enabled us to raise over 1.5 million SEK. These funds have been instrumental in supporting diverse organizations that support essential causes. Through “Ride For Women,” we have contributed to the empowerment of women in equestrian sports and beyond. Our involvement in “Ride Against Cancer” has made a meaningful impact in the fight against this devastating disease.

Our work in giving back is an ongoing commitment, and we are driven to do even more. As we continue to grow and thrive as a brand, we are dedicated to expanding our philanthropic efforts, building new partnerships, and finding innovative ways to make a difference in the world. It’s not just about what we sell; it’s about the positive change we can create together.

Global Reach and Recognition

From our humble beginnings, Equestrian Stockholm has grown exponentially and is now available in over 100 countries through our official website and a network of exclusive retailers worldwide. We are honored to have received prestigious accolades such as the “Gasell” award and “Founder of the Year.”

A Thriving Community

Our strength lies in our vibrant community, nurtured through our social channels. We take pride in being the largest equestrian apparel brand on Instagram in the world, showcasing a dedicated following of over 440,000 passionate individuals. We engage our community in every aspect of our journey, from creating new product lines to selecting colors.

Global Partnerships

Equestrian Stockholm is honored to collaborate with some of the most prominent and acclaimed riders in the world, including Edwina Tops Alexander in showjumping and Therese Nilshagen in dressage.

At Equestrian Stockholm, we are not just a brand; we are a movement, a community, and a driving force in the world of equestrian fashion. Join us in our colorful journey, where fashion meets function, and where every outfit tells a unique story.


Der Hashtag #Ridefornature symbolisiert eine unserer Missionen und basiert auf dem Gedanken, dass Pferde und Natur Hand in Hand gehen. Unsere Kollektionen und unsere Werte basieren auf unserer Leidenschaft für Pferde und die schönen Farben, Formen und Phänomene, die in der Natur zu finden sind. Daher sind ökologisches Denken und Nachhaltigkeit natürliche Bestandteile unserer Strategie. Wir sind ständig bemüht, neue Wege zu finden, um unsere Auswirkungen auf die Umwelt sowohl lokal als auch global zu verbessern und zu minimieren.