Riding Tights & Leggings

Riding Tights & Leggings

Riding Tights / Leggings - stylish, comfortable, and functional

At Equestrian Stockholm, we offer a wide range of high-quality equestrian riding tights that are designed to meet the needs of riders at all levels. The riding tights combine function, design, and elegance. They are made from a distinctive 4-way stretch material for the most comfortable fit. The waistband is anatomically shaped to fit each unique rider. All of our equestrian tights are made from high-quality durable material. The riding leggings provide a secure fit, whether you are riding in the ring or out on the trails. Equestrian Stockholm offers both jumping and dressage riding tights pants. Our jumping models have silicone grips on the knees. The dressage models have silicone grips throughout the seat in order to help keep you steady in the saddle.

Some of the key features of our tights for horseback riding include:

Compression - Built for a comfortable compression feeling and also shapes the buttocks and thighs. This can give riders a flattering and confident silhouette in the saddle. This can also improve stability while riding.

Firm grip waistband - This keeps your riding tights in place and help to improve balance in the saddle.

Moisture-wicking fabrics - We use moisture-wicking fabrics to help keep you cool and dry while riding, even on hot and humid days.

Silicone grip - Our tights feature silicone grip on the knee and seat to help you stay securely in the saddle.

Durable construction - We use only the best materials and construction techniques to ensure that our tights are durable and long-lasting.

Wide range of sizes and styles - We offer a variety of sizes and styles to suit the needs of riders of all shapes and sizes.

Deep side pockets - Our tights feature convenient pockets that are perfect for storing items like mobile phone, keys, coins, or treats for your horse.

    How do I choose the right tights from Equestrian Stockholm?

    All riding tights from Equestrian Stockholm are created to give you a fantastic feeling. We have a large selection of women's horse riding leggings in different colors. We offer a wide range of sizes so that your choice of tights is adapted to your individual wants and needs. If you are a rider who only wants silicone grip at the knees, our jumping style horse riding leggings are the right choice for you. If you prefer more grip and stability, we recommend our dressage pants with silicone grip throughout the seat.

    What is the difference between jumping and dressage tights?

    At Equestrian Stockholm you will find both full- and half-grip tights. Which type of pant you prefer is different for everyone, but half-seat grip is typically used for jumping and full-seat grip is typically preferred for dressage. Knee grip tights or "jumping tights" only have silicone grip on the inside of the leg to provide stability for the knee and leg. Unlike full-seat grip riding tights, they lack grip in the seat. This is to give the rider more freedom of movement. Full-seat tights or "dressage tights" have silicone grip on the inside of the legs as well as in the seat to provide maximum grip and make it easier for the rider to sit more steady in the saddle.

    Why should you wear tights with silicone grip?

    If you want the absolute best stability in the saddle, you should choose a pair of tights with silicone grip. The advantage of silicone is that you get a superior grip unlike traditional fabric or suede seat. Our riding tights has fewer seams, larger pockets, and a stretchier feel which resembles work our leggings. We also offer beautiful classic breeches. What choice is best is depending on your preference for style and feeling. The silicone grip also increases the comfort of the riding tights, as they require fewer seams than traditionally with fabric or suede lining.