Carolina Villanueva

Team rider

Carolina Villanueva

Carolina is an experienced international showjumper from Spain. She had a very successful 2023, during which, at the age of 21, she represented Spain in her first Senior Nations Cup, competed in her first CSIO4* and 160 cm Grand Prix—something she has always dreamt of. Her biggest achievements so far also include winning a gold medal with the Spanish Young Riders Team in the 2021 Nations Cup in Gorla Minore and being ranked number one in the women's Spanish ranking in 2022.

Carolina doesn't come from a horse-oriented family, but her first encounter with horses was when she was three years old. At that time, she lived in the Netherlands. Carolina and her grandmother came across a stable and upon noticing that lessons were being offered, she requested to ride the biggest horse there. Carolina’s grandmother supported her passion by paying for three consecutive lessons on the same day, marking the beginning of Carolina's love for horses.

Carolina’s goal going forward is to climb the ranks in the Longines World Rankings and achieve clear rounds at the highest level. Her overarching ambition has always been to represent Spain at the highest levels of the sport. Carolina's tip to those who want to be successful in the sport is to understand that it is a continuous learning process that doesn't follow a straight line. It is a humbling and empowering journey that tests riders in various ways. Her biggest advice is to never give up and to dream big enough that your dreams scare you. This mindset has been Carolina's since the beginning. 

“The best thing about working with Equestrian Stockholm is that the products embody timeless elegance, performance, and functionality. Additionally, the team at Equestrian Stockholm is lovely; we are like a family.”
— Carolina Villanueva