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Grey Saddle Pads

Here you can find the perfect grey saddle pad for your horse. At Equestrian Stockholm, we are committed to providing exclusive, high-quality saddle pads that are comfortable, supportive and durable. Our saddle pads are designed to meet the needs of both horse and rider and are suitable for use in a variety of disciplines including dressage, jumping and eventing. Other saddle pads are found here

Our saddle pads are made with a variety of innovative materials and technologies. At Equestrian Stockholm we work with two different types of materials when it comes to our saddle pads and they have two different valuable functions  – Bamboo lining and High IQ cool comfort (Quick Dry). All our saddle pads have one of the two:

Bamboo Lining – a natural, durable material known for its moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties.

High IQ Cool Comfort technology – helps dissipate heat and moisture, making them perfect for use in hot and humid conditions or just for a sweaty training session. 


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