Benskydd & Boots

Benskydd & Boots

Horse boots are a vital piece of equipment for horses. They are fairly common when participating in activities such as jumping, dressage, or eventing. These activities can be incredibly taxing on a horse's legs, putting them at risk of injury and strain. Boots for horses help to protect your horse's legs from impacts and scrapes. They do also provide support and stability during all kinds of activities. At Equestrian Stockholm we want to provide you with the best in functionality. The boots are therefore made with high-quality materials that lasts for a longer time. All of our boots are designed to provide maximum protection and comfort for your horse's legs, reducing the risk of injury and soreness.

Boots for every activity

We understand the importance of having the right boots to protect your horse's legs during training and competitions. The ES-collection of horse boots is designed with both style and function in mind. Our horse boots are made of high-quality materials to ensure your horse stays comfortable and protected. Our boots also come in different styles. This includes brushing boots, bell boots, tendon boots, and fetlock boots, all designed to provide the best protection for your horse's legs. We offer both classic white and trendy colorful options, making it easy to match with your horse's outfit and style. Our horse boots are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that they are not only functional but also fashionable. They are made with a combination of materials such as neoprene and fleece. This, combined with breathable air mesh, will provide your horse with the best protection and comfort. We also offer horse boots with unique features, such as silicone gel inserts to provide additional support and protection to the horse's legs. All our boots are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring they last a long time.

Elevate your horse's style with trendy and functional boots

Whether you're a professional rider or a hobbyist, our collection of boots at Equestrian Stockholm will have something to suit your needs. Our boots are designed with the latest trends in mind. We aspire for you and your horse to look stylish while also being well-protected. Choose Equestrian Stockholm for the best horse boots on the market. Our horse boots are stylish with an elegant design. This makes them an excellent accessory for horses competing in shows and events. They come in a variety of colors and styles, with unique designs that can make your horse stand out in the arena.