Pantalones de compresión

Pantalones de compresión

Introducing our revolutionary Compression Riding Breeches, designed for the modern equestrian. Our 4-way stretch fabric provides unparalleled comfort, allowing you to move freely while experiencing a full compression feeling. The sculpting effect enhances your figure, ensuring maximum comfort all while staying stylish. Stay cool on warmer days with our cooling fabric that has mositure wicking abilities, while the firm grip waistband keeps your breeches securely in place.

We’ve added big pockets for your phone, so you can stay connected while riding. The perfect mid silicone grip provides stability, and belt loops offer additional support if needed. Compression clothing exerts gentle pressure on the muscles and blood vessels, which can lead to several potential advantages:

Improved Blood Circulation - Compression wear can enhance blood flow, which may result in improved oxygen delivery to muscles and removal of waste products, potentially reducing muscle fatigue.

Muscle Support - The pressure from compression garments can provide support to muscles, reducing muscle oscillation during movement. This support might lead to reduced muscle soreness and fatigue.

Faster Recovery - Compression can help reduce muscle swelling and inflammation after intense exercise, aiding in quicker recovery.

Reduced Muscle Vibration - Compression can minimize muscle vibration during movement, which may help decrease muscle fatigue and strain.

Enhanced Performance - Some individuals feel that the muscle support and improved circulation provided by compression wear can contribute to enhanced athletic performance.

Embrace the ultimate riding experience with our exceptional compression breeches.

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