Inspiring confidence

Join the #RIDEFORWOMEN movement

Equestrian Stockholm’s #RideForWomen initiative empowers women, fostering self-assurance and unlocking boundless possibilities.

Whether starting at riding schools or gaining experience in stables worldwide, our priority is providing respect, safety, and equal opportunities for all.

Equestrian Stockholm x We Ride Together

Together with Sophie Jahn as an ambassador, Equestrian Stockholm wants to be involved and make a difference in connection with the We Ride Together organization, starting with donating 5% of the profit from the collection Endless Glow.

We Ride Together is a non-profit organization created early in 2021. It started as an awareness campaign and educational website designed to empower, inform and unite the equestrian community around sexual misconduct prevention. Showcasing powerful first-person interviews from sexual abuse survivors, #WeRideTogether promotes transparent dialogue around sexual misconduct, raises awareness for the many forms grooming and abuse can take, and helps diminish the stigma and fear of coming forward by giving survivors a safe platform to share their voices. The organization is creating a blueprint to help make all sports safer for youth, amateur, and professional athletes.

Visit to learn more.

About our ambassador Sophie Jahn

Someone who didn’t get to enjoy this fundamental right growing up is the equestrian enthusiast Sophie Jahn.

Her childhood took place at an idyllic horse farm with endless pasture and white fences in Eneby, located outside the capital of Sweden.

Her parents ran one of Sweden’s most prominent riding schools and stud farms, selling horses in Sweden and world wide. The yard could facilitate more than 80 horses at a time and was an meaningful place for many young girls with big dreams of a successful career in the sport.

Under the neat surface and behind closed doors, however, abuse and domestic violence were part of everyday life. The father ruled with an iron fist, and his brutal and unpredictable methods made life challenging and uncertain for both the girls working at the farm and his own family.

Today, Sophie Jahn is an author of a book about her childhood and is working to shine a light on domestic violence and abuse in the equine sport as a speaker and entrepreneur. Sophie is not afraid to stand up as a leading spokesperson, and she believes that her story can be a game-changer and drive a more open conversation around this highly controversial topic.