Chalecos de equitación

Chalecos de equitación

Equestrian Stockholm's riding vests are designed with luxurious details and created with a fit that gives you a nice silhouette. They are the perfect layer for spring and autumn days when the weather and temperature is constantly changing.

The riding vest is a crowd favorite to have in the equestrian wardrobe due to its multi-functionality. Our practical riding vests provide you with the freedom of movement while also helping you maintain a comfortable body temperature during all the seasons, no matter the weather. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you are doing stable work or are on a trail ride, our vest will keep you comfortable and flexible. Use it as an extra layer under your jacket or perhaps over one of our stylish riding tops. With its exclusive details, the vest will be the finishing touch to all your riding outfits.

What material are the horse riding vests made of?

The padding in our horseback riding vests is made from ECOsy which is a multifunctional insulation technology created from recycled plastic bottles and recycled coffee grounds. This ground-breaking padding helps make the vest breathable, warm, wind and water resistant, and additionally has odor control within the padding.

We have an odor control feature in the padding, which helps keep the vest fresh longer. This enables our customers to put the vest through fewer washes. This makes it more environmental friendly.

As for all of our garments, no fur or down feathers are used in our vests. This in an effort to help protect animals. Our horseback riding vests are the perfect garment with a combination of function, design, and elegance.

Can I use my Equestrian Stockholm Vest every day?

Our vests are designed and created to be worn anywhere, regardless of the environment. The horse riding vest can be worn for work, training, and for everyday use as it keeps you at a comfortable temperature. We've designed our vests with an elegant form-fitting look, so you feel comfortable and stylish all day long. Therefore it's perfect for a day in the stables, an afternoon walk, or maybe just an extra layer for colder days.

Regardless of the occasion, you will feel comfortable and warm in Equestrian Stockholm's vests.