Without you, there is no ES

Without you, our lovely customers, there is no Equestrian Stockholm. This year we are starting a project to honor you, the members of the Equestrian Stockholm community. We always strive to create high-quality and innovative designs, to share our love and passion for horses, and to inspire women to follow their dreams. We believe that this project will strengthen our community and spread amazing creativity around the equestrian globe!  Together with our in-house design team, 4 chosen customers will create a new collection that will be released in the fall of 2024.


what is the es design community?

In the beginning of summer 2023, we held a selection process where you could apply to be part of this team. We got over 1000 applications from our amazing customers, and the selection process was everything but easy. But in July this summer, we could welcome 4 customers to join us through this design project that’ll be running until fall of 2024. The design process will take place through digital meetings between August 2023 and August 2024. Of course we will include our lovely Instagram community with every decision we make. On this page you can follow the process, from ideas, to the first design, to the final product. 

AUGUST 23- 2023


On Wednesday evening we kicked off the first digital meeting with our lovely crew! We started off with a presentation round and welcomed the new team members – Meghan from Canada, Nathan from UK, Kathi from Germany and Robyn from the US. The team discussed their favourite colors, pipings, color of the binding and different quiltings. Our design- and marketing team was there to guide and to answer their questions. After the meeting we had a voting on our Instagram account.

AUGUST 30 - 2023


On the second workshop we started with looking at how the previous voting on Instagram turned out, and took our Instagram community’s thoughts in consideration. The team discussed their favourite designs for ear bonnets and made some final adjustments for the saddle pads. It was then time to “kill their darlings”. Four designs had to come down to two…

November 11, 2023


Our third workshop was all about making the final decisions. After many conversations in our group chat, it was time to set the name for the collection. We also sat the last final touches for the design and changed the piping, because as you know - it's all in the details.

june 11 - 2024


The team has done an amazing job with creating this very unique and special collection. So what's next? Now it's time for the photo shoot. And of course we'll share some exclusive behind the scenes material with you! Stay tuned.